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DILD - Dream Induced Lucid Dream Empty DILD - Dream Induced Lucid Dream

Post by Tytankhamen on Mon Jun 02, 2008 3:37 pm

Hello Lunarlight users! I'm Tyler, aka "Tytankhamen", and I will be your guide to this techinque of Lucid Dreaming.

To start the Lucid Dream, you must first go to bed and start dreaming. (Not tough at all)

Next, do what people in the Lucid Dreaming world call a "Reality Check". A Reality Check is what it sounds like, testing the reality of the dream. A basic reality check is right in your hands. Look at your hands in a dream. If you notice, you may have too long of fingers, too many, or when you pull on one finger it gets longer. Another one is a clock. If a clock is spinning out of control, or saying an impossible time, you are dreaming. There are several Reality Checks, and I won't bother listing them all in this thread.

Then, you should take a strong hint from the Reality Check. What I do is I announce it verbally, ex. "Hey, Clocks don't spin that way! I must be dreaming!" yet in a calm fashion, so I don't wake myself up. Again, strongly assure yourself that you are dreaming.

Then, you might feel a slight pulling sensation, but whatever you do, REMAIN CALM. Getting over-excited KILLS Lucid Dreams before they even start. If the dream begins to fade, try to rub your hands to increase vividness.

Then, the fun begins! Have fun, do whatever you can imagine, but, most importantly, Keep reminding yourself that you are dreaming every few seconds. You'd be suprised how fast a LD can pass you by if you don't do this. And don't do anything you think could wake you up. If you focus too hard on something, it will wake you up.

Then about a few minutes later (or hours if you're that skilled) you'll be awake, with a grin on your face as you go back to sleep.

FAQ's about the DILD:

"Well that's just fine and dandy, Tyler, but how do I remember to do this?"

Here's an idea, Try making reality checks part of your daily routine. Like every once and a while, pull your finger, to see that it doesn't stretch, or check the time, make sure that it is reality. Then, this might transfer into your dream, and hello Lucidity!

"I can't start dreaming! Help!"

Whoa, easy there! You are dreaming, you just don't remember it. Here's a Very basic idea: Keep a Dream Journal in the Dream Journal Forum and a one for reality. Whenever you recall even a scrap of a dream, when you wake up, IMMEDIATELY record it in your Dream Journal. Your recall should mount up, and you should be able to use the technique finally.

"I had a dream where I knew I was dreaming, but I couldn't do anything. Is this a Lucid Dream, Tyler?"

Yes! If you know that you are dreaming, you are lucid, no matter what. Congradulations and try to do something next time! Very Happy

Well, that's as much as I can type. If you have any questions, comments, or if I'm leaving something out, post it.


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