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NILD - Nap Induced Lucid Dream

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NILD - Nap Induced Lucid Dream Empty NILD - Nap Induced Lucid Dream

Post by C911 on Fri Jun 06, 2008 9:27 pm

Introduction and Reminders

Hey guys, I'm C9,

The steps to getting to a successful lucid dream from the nild technique is also a good technique to use to get to astral projection. In this tutorial i will refer a lot to astral projection, so you can choose to do either or.

Anyway, lets start.


To begin preparing for the NILD Technique, I suggest you find yourself an ENTIRE day that you have absolutely nothing to do.

I only say that for two reasons:

1. You will have to nap during the day, and if at first you don't succeed, you will want to try again, and as you can tell already, taking more then two naps a day can put a real damper on your day.

2. And two, for most cases, if you find that LD'ng is very fun to do, you may want to do it more and more, making your body laying somewhere through the whole day.

Next, set an alarm clock for a early part of the day. I find that if I perform this technique during the morning, I get better results. I think it may be due to my mind telling me that I'm supposed to be sleeping at say 4:00 in the morning, and so it makes my body fall asleep faster.

After waking up, take about a hour to walk around, take a shower, eat a little, use the bathroom, do absolutely anything and everything to make yourself more comfortable when you lay back down again.

Now, find a relatively quiet place to sleep. Make sure that you don't have anything that cause distraction after you wake up.

This is not required, but if you want to, get yourself an Alarm Clock that you can set for 1-3 hours ahead of when you lay down. I find that if you use an alarm clock on your cell phone or something similar, it is easier to accomplish this. Mostly because if you use a clock alarm, it takes more energy and time to get up and turn it off.

Once you are all set to start off, move on to the next topic.


Ok, now time for the How-to part of the thread.

First step, of course, let yourself take a nap for about an hour to up to 3 hours, sleeping too long will make you not tired at all, and sleeping to less will make you even more tired then before napping.

After you wake up from your nap, immediately change positions. Some people say to lay as still as possible and try the technique, but I say, if you change positions it is more regular then not moving at all. Think about it, when you wake up in the middle of the night, do you lay still, or do you shift positions to make yourself more comfy? I feel that if you shift positions to make yourself comfortable, your body will recognize this more, and thus it will fall asleep faster then normal.

Now, after you shift positions, and take any sips of water or any other things you wish to do (NOTE: Do not get up and move around, just stay laying down, or it wont work), then start to do the normal WILD technique. Close your eyes, and start to relax. You will notice your body will relax very quickly now, and your breathing instead of you having to change it yourself, will actually get quieter and you wont have to bother with it as much. After about 2 or 3 minutes, (if that, I can achieve this in under 30 seconds), your body will start to feel really heavy and your chest may start to tingle. [I underlined "may" because, I experience this, but I'm not sure if anyone else does (some people tend to experience the tingling in other parts of the body)].

For Lucid dreams: After you get the tingling feeling, start to visualize your dream. This is just the same as the WILD technique, try to visualize yourself doing something such as riding a bicycle. Imagine how it feels, and imagine that it is actually happening. You will notice you will start to "space out" or "day dream". This is good, you want to be transfixed on this.

For astral projecting: After you get the tingling feeling, keep your mind focused on absolutely nothing. Keep it as blank as can be, it sounds terribly hard, but believe me, its a lot easier after a nap.

Your body will soon start to get whats called "vibrations". (NOTE: If you don't get these, after several attempts, look down at the FAQ guide at the bottom of this tut to see what you can do to achieve them.).

After feeling the first vibration, keep your body relaxed and remember to keep your breathing steady and calm. This is a definite must. If you seem to let your breathing go out of control, you will not achieve your goal. After your first vibration, you will most likely get another (about .5-3 seconds after). The amount of vibrations you get all depends on your breathing and relaxation. I have gotten 3 and gone into sleep paralysis, and I've gotten about 20 at a time and reached then finally reached SP. It can be any amount, so don't get discouraged.

Once you get what I like to call "The Big one", or in English terms, the biggest vibration, your body will in most cases (again I underline most because I get this EVERY time, but I don't know if anyone else does), you will be sort of "lifted up". and like I said, in most cases you will actually be able to see everything around you, just as if you were in real life. (NOTE: Your physical body will most likely be in SP by now, if not before the vibrations).

For Lucid Dreams: At this point, you should not be looking around, but still visualizing your dream. Whatever you think about at this moment will become your dream, and you will be fully lucid. If you try and you find that you are not lucid, try saying a mantra right when you get into SP. Say "I am dreaming now, and I can do whatever I want". Now you are in a lucid dream, good luck and have fun with it.

for Astral Projection: After you rise up out of your body, you can start to move around. Take special note that if you look down at your feet, and move your leg to a different location, you will not see your leg move, but you can feel it. I enjoy this the most, because it is very weird. Some people say, you must "Roll Out" of your body to get into the AP. But, I don't see it that way. I can just sit up and move around, and i can stay in my energy body and move around freely. You may have to Roll Out, but I don't think it is required. Also though, some people

After this, you are now in the Astral Planes... HOORAY! You can now travel and have fun. Remember to take note of the Introductory part of this tutorial and as always, be careful when in the Planes


I cant feel vibrations, WHAT DO I DO?!

Some people simply don't feel vibrations, they just feel the shift and can then see the world around them. for lucid dreams, you will feel a shift and then you will feel really light, after this keep visualizing and you will be pulled in.

But if you are not one of these people, try doing this:

Most the times, you need the sinking feeling of falling to achieve the vibrations. If they don't come to you naturally you have to get the feeling of falling. If you imagine in your head, that you are falling down a long building or down a cliff or something, you will eventually get the vibrations.

Other times, the feeling of being scared can help you attain the vibrations. If you get scared and you get that feeling inside your chest, you can get into the vibrations. To do this, simply imagine a scary thing and make yourself get the feeling. Really quite simple, but not easily known.

When i rise up, I don't see anything but my eye lids, what do i do?

I have seen this many times. Simply, if you don't see anything, wait a few minutes and see if you can. But most commonly, if you don't see anything, you have not truly "risen up"

I cant nap, can this be done after waking up in the middle of the night?

Yes, however it may be harder for you. If you wake up in the middle of the night you may be a lot more tired, and thus you will fall asleep before you feel anything.

I always end up falling asleep, any suggestions?

Go to bed earlier, so when you get done with your nap after the normal sleep routine, you will not be so tired.

Other suggestions may be to drink an energy drink or something, but it is not required.


Thanks for reading my Tutorial! After this, if you can still not get into a lucid dream this method just simply may not be for you. But if you have any further questions, feel free to post here.

This method was wrote by me, but it was not invented by me. I did however achieve this method before reading about it, but other people have done this before me.

Remember before practicing any Astral Projection technique, to fully understand the dangers of the Planes. You can be seriously injured or even worse if not careful, a fate worse then death for sure. Such things such as Night Stalkers and Succumbi can be a real pain in the neck if your not careful to avoid them.

One more thing, the purpose to Astral Projecting is not to hurt or cause any negative emotions to any person or animal. The whole reason to Astral Project is to be able to explore different worlds, scan over your world, do amazing things you cant in the physical realm, have a perfectly fun time while sleeping, and not missing any of it like you can while trying to attain lucidity, and much more. Remember, if you do plan to cause terror in the Realms, you will also get attention from other bad spirits, and you will regret it. Just fair warning.

Thanks and happy LD'ng!

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