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A Quick guide about Dream Control

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A Quick guide about Dream Control Empty A Quick guide about Dream Control

Post by Tytankhamen on Fri Jun 06, 2008 9:33 pm

This isn't a technique, so I'm posting it here, move to Techniques if necessary.

So, you did a reality check or hit sleep paralysis and found out you were dreaming. Now what? This is where Dream Control comes in. You can do anything your heart desires. But, if you've had a 1 second LD before, you know it's not that easy. You must re-assure yourself that you are dreaming very strongly, but not too much, which could wake you up. I'll write up some stuff on how to do some basic LD tricks.


Ahh, flight. One of man's greatest dreams. To begin flying, first jump into the air like you were swimming to the surface of a really deep pool. You should be hovering. To move forward, lean in forward and you should be propelled that way. Or act as if you were swimming in the air.

Walking through walls

Another fun thing to do. To do this, just reach towards the wall, and your hand should pass right through it.

I'll post more when I'm not gonna fall asleep. If you have any techniques for dream control, post them here.

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A Quick guide about Dream Control Empty Re: A Quick guide about Dream Control

Post by C911 on Fri Jun 06, 2008 10:34 pm

Ive got some:

To sumon people:
A really fun way to summon people is to grab a video camera, and plug it into your tv. Then whoever you want to summon should be the last person you videod. Anyway, then after they appear on tv put your hand in the tv and pull them out.

To change scenory:

Light a match, and burn the place down. Then close your eyes and visualize a new place "growing" from the ashes, then open your eyes and boom!

These are just some fun things i have tried, give em a whirl, they are entertaining at the least.

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